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The Unkown At Ten .


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The Unkown At Ten .

                                                   The Unknown  At Ten years Old  !
                                       By : Psychic Spiritualist Joseph
                   From Beyond The Natural World and The Need To Know.


 This is a story about a nine year old boy who found that he was very     
different from all the other kids around him.
It was so scary, that Joseph wouldn’t even play with the other kids, for fear of
seeing the things going on in their lives .
He at times thought that there was some thing wrong with him.
To know when something was about to happen !
To Know  that a friend is in trouble.
To know things that will be coming our way in the near future!                 
To see things that had happened in the past to friends.
To hear from dead people asking to speck to a love one still here .
To be able to tell your friends in 1971 , that the people will be able to play
records in the dash of their car ( CDs) and that there will be a T.V. in the dash of the car's ,
showing them, where they are going and how to get there.  ( G.P.S.). 
His friends would make fun of him at times and still they would ask him,
what was in the future for them.
Asking me to change the out come of something , with out knowing that he
could and it would happened .                      

Thank You for reading my story hope you enjoy it as much  as I did writing it.
All accounts are real and did happen to me and those that I spoke about.
I dedicate this book to my Wife Susan R, Sheldon, who always push me to be
My self. Not to  be afraid, or ashamed of what I can do.
My kid’s, Amanda, Bobbie Jo, April, Brenda, Chris, and Marcos, and all my  grand
kids who also believed in me .
My mother Lucy Massiate Sheldon who before she pass on Oct. 2nd, 2017 told  me     
who and what I am to be, and how it came to be.

         TO God the Father and his Holy son who Guides me always, “Jesus Christ”.