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Psychic - Spiritualist Joseph 

San Antonio TX 78219 US

Psychic Spiritulaist Joseph

From Beyond The Natural World And The Need to Know!

Minister Robert J Sheldon

of San Antonio,TX And

The Universal Life Church Ministry.

If you are in need of Gods help. Spiritual counseling or guidance . But you don't have a home church that you can call on. Perhaps Reverend Robert J Sheldon can help.

Reverend Robert is an ordained minister thru The Universal Life Church Ministry, a none Denudation Church.

Reverend. Robert is an Episcopalian, by Choice.

But as an outside Minister he works with your needs as God's servant.

For Weddings , short and to the point or full service complete with communion . A full one hour service to your desire.

Perhaps you have a family member in need of a Baptism young adult or baby . A full one hour service if you wish or just a short service.

If you have someone in the hospital that needs prayer or the lords blessings and or last rights. Rev. Robert can help.

Rev. Robert is ready to help if needed for a family members funeral. both at the funeral home night before for service , at the grave site at the time of the funeral.

Or just maybe you need God help.

call Reverend Robert J Sheldon

210-777-5028     .([email protected] )

or email ( [email protected])