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      Virgo The Virgin & Earth      
                                           August 23rd. - September 22nd.     
                   Sixth sign of the astrological year.

They possess an organized mind and have the logic to solve even the most difficult problems.


Quality: Mutable
Strengths : Precise, Orderly,Efficient             
Key Characteristic: Detail oriented
Color : Navy Blue
Planetary Ruler: Mercury       




Virgo,  carry's the Pentacle sign that represents coins,diamonds well off.
Heptameron Pentacle

Challenges :Nervous, sarcastic,Overcritical

The Virgo Man
The typical Virgo man has a quiet dignity that sets him well apart from other men. He has discriminating tastes and an appetite for learning.Virgos make excellent students, a role that they seem to inhabit all of their lives. Virgo men are often extremely well- read and educated, but they may be averse to trumpeting theses achievements. They are extremely concerned with their health and fitness and are very careful about their diets. Cooking for a Virgo man can be extremely trying,since he has a tendency to be quite fussy about what he eats and how it is prepared. But dispute his eccentricities,the Virgo man is a gentle soul who actually possesses much more charm than men who have showier personalities.

The Virgo Woman
The Virgo woman has charm. She is intelligent,thoughtful ,and very careful about her personal grooming. This lady is not the sort to neglect her personal appearance even if she has the day off."neat and tidy"describes her best.
Virgo women are efficient and hard-working.They are ethical and never put career achievements ahead of their own personal code of right and wrong.The want to feel as if they have earned what they get, and refuse to be manipulative or controlling. Because they are so well-organized, these women do a good job of balancing personal and professorial responsibilities. Most Virgo women are especially adept at handling the family budget, because they have the patience to watch where every penny goes. Perfectionism comes at a price. however,and the Virgo woman needs to learn how to relax in order to ease the tension and stress that are brought on by adhering to her own high standards.

The Virgo Child:
These youngsters need a great deal of affection and emotional support,since they are likely to be extremely shy and may have difficulty developing friendships with other children. they are not naturally competitive,and because of this they may find it easier to give in to their more demanding playmates.Virgo children are often studious boys and girls who have to endure the teasing of the talented schoolmates who resent their success.Parents should help their Virgo child develop an interest in at least one "cool"hobby or activity in order to help them fit in with the school crowd. Although they should be taught that being different is nothing to be ashamed of, it is also vital for these youngsters to develop a kinship with others.

The Virgo Lover :
Virgo individuals may not be the most dashing romantic figures,but they offer their whole heart to a lover.There is no pretense involved in the way they at or what they will say. When a Virgo is in love, he or she is completely devoted. Because they are loyal in all human relationships,and because of this fact they generally attract people who think and believe very much as they do. Marriage is a major commitment to these individuals, who value their union  as both a love relationship and a working partnership!

The Virgo Boss:
People that work for a Virgo Boss soon discover that there are a million ways to do things wrong but only one way to do it right. Virgo are known for their protectionist tendencies.But the Virgo Boss can be an impartial individual who is never afraid to give an employee the credit and respect due to a good worker.

The Virgo Friend :
Virgos, As a rule are, shy,self-effacing  Virgos have difficulty making friends, often because they lack the social skills involved in bringing people together. Some times they lack the self-confidence required to new people. But when they make that extraordinary Bound of friendship it is incredibility loyal and caring it may take time but this a friendship that will last for many years.