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Psychic - Spiritualist Joseph 

San Antonio TX 78219 US

​Psychic Spiritualist Joseph !

From Beyond The Natural World And The Need to Know!

 Testimony's, From some of Psychic Spiritualist Joseph's Followers !

Followers own Testimonial's !

March 23rd,2021




City : San Antonio State: Texas


I was at a point where I needed direction, answers,and knowledge. Thanks to Psychic Spiritualist Joseph, I got all and more to show me what to do and I to do needed for the future. Literally from dark to light. Thank you again Spiritualist Joseph.

Psychic Spiritualist Joseph One man to see when you are lost or at a cross roads.

Straight up

Sept. 21,2020

Anna A.

[email protected]

Your the only psychic who has been 100% accurate !

Thank You.

I went to a session with you a long time ago and I have to honestly say you are amazing you have been accurate on everything.

21 de septiembre de 2020

Anna A.

[email protected]

¡Eres el único psíquico que ha sido 100% exacto!


Fui a una sesión contigo hace mucho tiempo y tengo que decir honestamente que eres increíble, has sido preciso en todo.

[email protected];

Dec. 20,2019

what happen.

My husband (Spiritualist Joseph) never stops amassing me

Dec. 20th morning My Daughter call that she wanted to pick up a tall table that we had put in our garage thanking we would sell it one day. She said she would be over by 10:30 that morning to get the table. She was going to give it to her nice, who had just moved out of her Mother's house.

So I started digging in the garage for it . That’s when I realized . That I had taken the table apart for easier storage, and I had no idea where I had placed the screws to the leg’s. I looked and looked all over the place for at less two hours. I just could not remember where the hell I had placed the dam screws. Joseph was watching Televison in the family room. I went in and asked if he would try and see if he could pick up on the dam screws . He look at me and asked what ? , what do you want me to do. I said see if you can pick up on the missing screws for the table !. He laughed really you thank . He walked around looking for them but could not find them . He told me he could not find them any where. I asked again would you just try using your Psychic powers. He asked what??

I told him you know what I am asking . He seat back in his easy char. After a few minuets he called out to me and ask where was my craft box’s that looks like and old soda water case’s with the little squares. I said in my craft room why ? Joseph said, “I just saw them in a place like one of the little squares in one of the case’s. He say’s of course I could be wrong . I thought oh well I’ll go look . Well I have three of them and after looking in the first two ,I didn’t think they would be there . When I look in the third one, there they where in a zip lock bag. I started laughing as I walked back to the family room . He asked me well were they there ? I showed him the zip lock bag even he was amazed. Again he never stops showing me what he can do with out trying too.

Just thought I would Share this moment with everyone.

Srsxx @ xxxx;

20,2019 de diciembre

qué ocurre.

Mi esposo (el espiritista Joseph) nunca deja de acumularme

20 de diciembre por la mañana, mi hija llamó para que quisiera recoger una mesa alta que

habíamos puesto en nuestro garaje, agradeciendo que la vendiéramos algún día. Dijo que

terminaría a las 10:30 de la mañana para conseguir la mesa. Iba a dárselo a su amada, que acababa de mudarse de la casa de su madre.

Así que empecé a cavar en el garaje para ello. Entonces fue cuando me di cuenta. Que había desarmado la mesa para facilitar el almacenamiento, y no tenía idea de dónde había colocado los tornillos en la pata. Miré y miré por todas partes durante al menos dos horas. Simplemente no podía recordar dónde demonios había colocado los tornillos de la presa. Joseph estaba mirando Televison en la sala familiar. Entré y le pregunté si intentaría ver si podía agarrar los tornillos de la presa. Me miró y me preguntó qué? , que quieres que haga. ¡Dije ver si puedes recoger los tornillos que faltan para la mesa! Realmente se rió, gracias. Caminó buscándolos pero no pudo encontrarlos. Me dijo que no podía encontrarlos en ningún lado. Le pregunté de nuevo, ¿intentaría usar sus poderes psíquicos? Él preguntó qué?

Le dije que sabes lo que te estoy preguntando. Se sentó en su fácil char. Después de unos

minutos, me llamó y me preguntó dónde estaba mi caja de artesanía y las viejas cajas de refrescos con los cuadrados pequeños. Dije en mi cuarto de manualidades ¿por qué? Joseph dijo: "Acabo de verlos en un lugar como uno de los cuadrados pequeños en uno de los casos. Él dice que, por supuesto, podría estar equivocado. Pensé, bueno, iré a buscar. Bueno, tengo tres y después de mirar los dos primeros, no pensé que estarían allí. Cuando miro en el tercero, allí estaban en una bolsa con cierre de cremallera. Comencé a reír mientras caminaba de regreso a la sala familiar. Me preguntó bien, ¿estaban allí? Le mostré la bolsa con cierre de cremallera, incluso él estaba asombrado. Nuevamente, él nunca deja de mostrarme lo que puede hacer sin intentarlo también.

Solo pensé en compartir este momento con todos.



[email protected]

New Newark NJ

Joseph, thank you for the prayer it came just in time bless you a complete turn around for me.



Email [email protected]

Richwood ,TX

Hello, I met you at Oasis in San Antonio I just wanted to reach out and say thank you.

I will be in touch soon to schedule an appointment with you in regards to my dad along with my sister Katie.

I plan on driving back up just for this, hope all is well. God Bless, Felicia Austin

April 25th,2018

[email protected]

MS.Dora of Schertz,TX.wrote:

So I had a reading w/Joseph on 4/25/18. I was so

surprised that my grandfather came thru. He told me some things that he

couldn't have known. So if any one is curious about readings,you

definitely want to give Joseph a call! Looking forward to the future!

Thank you Joseph!!

In Spanish:

25 de abril de 2018

[email protected] de Schertz, TX.wrote:Así que tuve una lectura con Joseph el 25/4/18. estaba tansorprendido de que mi abuelo haya venido. Él me dijo algunas cosas que élno podría haber sabido. Entonces, si alguien tiene curiosidad acerca de las lecturas,definitivamente quiero llamar a Joseph! ¡Mirando hacia el futuro!¡Gracias José!

April 25th-2018

[email protected]

MS. Shannon of Schertz,TX wrote:

I had the pleasure of having a reading with Joseph on 4/25/18. Let's just say he was AMAZING!! Joseph had no clue about what I was experiencing, and he continued ... to be honest what spirit brought forward in my session was amazing for him to pick up. Thanks Joseph

In Spanish:

25 de abril de 2018

La Sra. Shannon escribió: Tuve el placer de leer con Joseph el 25/4/18. ¡Digamos que fue INCREÍBLE! Joseph no tenía ni idea de lo que estaba experimentando, y continuó ... para ser honesto, el espíritu que trajeron a la luz en mi sesión fue increíble para él. Gracias Josephme and selecting the options from the toolbar.

On Mar 22, 2017 8:43 PM

[email protected]


Thank you so much. You gave me so much positivity that I needed in this time of confusion that I am going through. I literally felt some weight lifted off my shoulders. There's much that I still need to understand but I'm not afraid so much anymore.

March 20th ,2016:

By Christopher ; San Antonio ·

I wanna give a shout out to my dad

Spiritualist Joseph Thank you for paying the bills all those years. Thank you for always having a roof over our head

s and food on the table. Thank you for working 14 hours a day. Thank you for never giving up on us. Thank you for being the man that I needed, to show me what a real man is. Thank you for setting my teachers straight. Thank you for showing me that family comes first. And most of all, Thank you for being my dad. I would not be a good man if it wasn't for you. I love you pops.

‪#‎my favorite superhero‬

‪#‎my dad‬

‪#‎thank you‬

‪#‎im grateful for mine‬ life

Added comments : By Bobbie Jo

He is the best man I know, He is the one who keeps us going .

My Dad ( Spiritualist Joseph.


My Name is, Sheldon Smith Email [email protected]

Tomball, Texas

My Comment- Cool. I didn't know you had this on here.

wow ! I just read this in your testimonies on your website.

That's amazing pawpaw, I'm happy, to see that you are still helping people like that.

( the one from Joshua Stewart ) This is spiritualist Joseph my grand father!


My Name is Zelda WilXXXX : My e-mail address [email protected]

I just moved to Texas in July 2015, From Dayton, Oh. Looking for a new lead on life . I came with my

boyfriend . We were to be married by June 2016 . One morning when I woke up he was gone, he move away . No phone call , no note, he just took off. I was broken up over this , I didn't think I would survive this . I got on line and found , Spiritualist Joseph / Psychic , Made an Appointment to go see hem. You should know I never done anything like this before . When I went to his office he was so nice and welcoming . He help me over come My fears of being alone. He help me find my inner self. Who I am, He pointed out that I took a chance, just moving to Texas . He told me things that only I would know, he told me things about my Dad. My Father has been Dead since I was seventeen years old. You see he died in a truck accident, He drove a truck. He said not to worry, but trust in God and things would get better . He said that I would meet this guy here in San Antonio, That would make fill so good and Happy , But there was one thing about him . He was from Akron, OH or from some place close to there. That my job would be promoting me, and that I could expect more money . Just trust in my faith in God . Well you should understand when I told him I really didn't have any money to pay for my visit , He said Gods help is Free . I only wanted the free time he offers . But Joseph went past the free time . I went back later and gave him a little something for helping me out . Oh yea I meet the guy at a friends house this past Halloween , I was invited to a party and he was there . He just moved from Wadsworth, OH just out side of Akron,OH and he is so handsome , we hit it off just like Joseph said we would. The Job gave me a raise , have not seen the promotion yet . But Joseph has been right on so fare . Oh yea , my old boy friend show up from no where, I told him to get lost!! Thank You Spiritualist Joseph.

4/28/2015 11:07 PM

My name is Carolyn Norton

My email address * [email protected]

This is my Testimony !

Dear Joseph: You read for me on the 4th calling on the Holy Spirit to guide you. During the session, my husband in spirit said something about "Watch out for the truck." I thought he meant, "Watch out for a truck," or "Look out for a truck," or "Be on the lookout for a truck," because my friend and I were looking for a truck to borrow to transport some stuff to San Antonio. I paid little attention to that. On the 20th my sister, who has always had cars or vans, called to let me know she had traded in her 4Runner for a truck, and was coming up for a visit to help me with my stuff. My husband in spirit must have been referring to a truck that was about to enter my experience that would help with my hauling. Your reading in this area was accurate. In addition, no one could have figured out my deceased cat's name. You had no idea I had had a cat who had died. And, the name you picked up from spirit was so close to his unusual name, I knew immediately that the cat in spirit was my little kitty. You channeled my husband's spirit so closely for a moment, I knew I was looking at my husband through you. I am thankful for that moment. Thank you for the reading, and God bless you. Carolyn Norton


4/28/2015 11:07 PM

Este es mi testimonio!

Mi nombre es Carolyn Norton

Mi dirección de correo electrónico * Carolyn [email protected]

Estimado José: Usted lee para mí en el cuarto pidiendo al Espíritu Santo que te guíe.

Durante la sesión, mi marido en su espíritu, dijo algo acerca de "Cuidado con el camión."

Pensé que quería decir, "Cuidado con un camión" o "Cuidado con un camión" o "Estar en la búsqueda de un camión," porque mi amigo y yo estábamos buscando un camión a pedir prestado para transportar algunas cosas para

San Antonio.

Pagué poca atención a eso.

El 20 de mi hermana, que siempre ha tenido los coches o furgonetas, llamado para avisarme que había negociado en su 4Runner para un camión, y estaba saliendo para una visita a ayudarme con mis cosas.

Mi marido en espíritu debe haber sido en referencia a un camión que estaba a punto de entrar en mi experiencia que ayudaría con mi acarreo.

Su lectura en esta área era exacta.

Además, nadie podría haber imaginado el nombre de mi gato fallecida.

Usted tenía ni idea de que había tenido un gato que había muerto.

Y, el nombre que recogido de espíritu estaba tan cerca de su nombre poco común, supe de inmediato que el gato en espíritu era mi pequeño gatito.

Usted canalizado espíritu de mi marido tan de cerca por un momento, yo sabía que estaba mirando a mi marido a través de ti.

Estoy agradecido por ese momento.

Gracias por la lectura, y que Dios te bendiga.

Carolyn Norton

March 26,2015 12:31 A.M.

My name is , Joshua Stewart

My email address * [email protected]

My message : I have always being a big believer in our lord, Jesus Christ, and the holly spirit. I try not to give up. As this month has been a really hard month for me it seems that it is one problem after another. if it isn't one thing its another, But since i never give up god blesses me with people like Joseph in my life. I been having car problems lately and its very frustrating but i feel like, that's the devil tempting me. He wants me to go do something stupid so that i can fix all these car problems and make things easier. Deep down i know that's not the answer. It might fix my problems at the moment but more problems will occur. Bigger problems will occur. So what do i do??? I turn to god i get on my hands and knees and i pray. Please lord help me!!! And as a result. Joseph appeared. I ran out of gas today. Due to the fact that I'm having these car problems. And i have had a short in my car so none of my gauges are reading on the dash board. Walking around for a hour plus asking people for petty change. No one could help me. Everyone was being mean and rude. Then all of a sudden this angel appears its Joseph. He blesses me with gas money so that i can make it home safe and sound. And as i put this gas in the car Im just wondering whats next. GOD PLZ!!!! I go to start my car, and beam all of a sudden all the gages are working better then ever. All i can keep thinking to myself. Now isn't that a answer from god. And i also thank Joseph. I don't feel like these things would of happened if it wasn't for you.

Marzo 26,2015 12:31 A.M

Mi nombre es Joshua Stewart

Mi dirección de correo electrónico * [email protected]

Escriba el mensaje: He siendo siempre un gran creyente en nuestro Señor Jesucristo, y el espíritu de acebo. Trato de no darse por vencido. Como este mes ha sido un mes muy difícil para mí me parece que es un problema tras otro. si ¿no es cierto una cosa su otro, pero como yo nunca renuncio a dios me bendice con gente como José en mi vida. He estado teniendo problemas con el coche últimamente y es muy frustrante, pero me siento como, eso es el diablo me tienta. Él quiere que vaya hacer algo estúpido para que yo pueda solucionar todos estos problemas con el coche y hacer las cosas más fáciles. En el fondo sé que eso no es la respuesta. Se podría solucionar mis problemas en el momento pero se producirá más problemas. Ocurrirán problemas mayores. Entonces, ¿qué debo hacer ??? Me dirijo a dios me sale en mis manos y rodillas y rezo. Plz señor me ayuda !!! Y como resultado. Joseph apareció. Me quedé sin gasolina en la actualidad. Debido al hecho de que im tener estos problemas con el coche. Y he tenido un corto en mi coche por lo que ninguno de mis medidores están leyendo en el tablero de instrumentos. Caminando por una hora más para pedir a la gente mezquina cambio. Nadie me podía ayudar. Todo el mundo estaba siendo egoísta y grosero. Entonces, de repente, este ángel se le aparece su josé. Él me bendice con dinero para la gasolina para que yo pueda llegar a casa sano y salvo. Y ya que me puse este gas en el coche Im pregunto cuál es siguiente. DIOS PLZ !!!! Voy a empezar mi coche, y bam, de repente, todos los medidores están funcionando mejor que nunca. Todo lo que puedo seguir pensando para mis adentros. Ahora ¿No es eso una respuesta de Dios. Y yo también agradezco josé. No me siento como estas cosas de pasado si no fuera por ti.

My Testimony :

Date Received 3/9/2015 2:58 PM

Your name a friend

Your email address *

Enter your message I've been married 25 years, and I have lost faith in myself and my family . I was about ready to give up. My life is going thru some typical changes like everybody else s life does. But after speaking to a friend , my life is changing for the better. This person told me two simple words . They mean the world to me now! they really mean the world to me .

WAKE UP!!!!!!!!

At first I didn't understand what they meant,

But after talking to Buck ( Spiritualist Joseph / Psychic ) .

Now, I realized what those words meant to me.

Now my life has changed mentally and spiritually.

Mi Testimonio:

Fecha de recepción 03/09/2015 14:58

Tu nombre de un amigo

Su dirección de correo electrónico *

Escriba el mensaje que he estado casado 25 años, y he perdido la fe en mí y mi familia. Yo estaba a punto de darse por vencido. Mi vida va a través de algunos cambios típicos como todo lo demás la vida s hace. Pero después de hablar con un amigo, mi vida está cambiando para mejor. Esta persona me dijo dos palabras simples. Significan el mundo para mí ahora! que realmente significa el mundo para mí.


Al principio yo no entendía lo que querían decir,

Pero después de hablar con Buck (espiritista José / Psíquico).

Ahora, me di cuenta de lo que significaban esas palabras para mí.

Ahora mi vida ha cambiado mental y espiritualmente.

My Testimony :

Date Received 1/25/2015 11:16 PM

Your name James McGovern

Your email address * [email protected]

Enter your message After reading the testimonials here within, I felt that it is my duty to say; I have known Spiritualist (Buck) Joseph for 50 years and

in this time I can truthfully say that the two of us have Always' Respected one another and our families. As a child from humble beginnings, I had "only" the

neighborhood kids and my classmates to look up to and there were not many that I ever came to RESPECT. Even here, 50 Years later, I find myself

wanting to communicate with Buck for no other reason than to say Hi. I live 750 Miles north in Arkansas and his "ORA" is still around me everyday!

THANKS' Buck. P.S. My Family and I wish you all the BEST! J.M.

Mi Testimonio:

Fecha de recepción 25/01/2015 23:16

Su nombre James McGovern

Su dirección de correo electrónico * [email protected]

Escriba el mensaje Después de leer los testimonios aquí dentro, sentí que es mi deber decir; He conocido espiritista (Buck) José durante 50 años y

en este momento puedo decir con verdad que los dos de nosotros hemos respetado siempre "otro y nuestras familias. Como un niño desde sus humildes comienzos, tenía "sólo" el

niños del barrio y mis compañeros de clase para admirar y no había muchos que alguna vez iba a respetar. Incluso en este caso, 50 años después, me encuentro a mí mismo

querer comunicarse con Buck no por otra razón que la de decir hola. Yo vivo 750 Millas al norte de Arkansas y su "ORA" sigue siendo mi alrededor todos los días!

GRACIAS 'Buck. PD Mi familia y yo les deseamos todo lo mejor! J.M.

My Testimony :

Date Received 8/13/2014 3:30 AM

Your name Rick

Your email address * [email protected]

Enter your message I want to thank you sir for everything you've done for me! You've mentioned people from my past that I forgot about and it's

amazing how you describe my love ones and how you help guide me through my life I highly recommend anyone who's going through a hard time in life

to seek you for guidance! God bless you and see you soon.

Testimony 08/14/2014

From Rick.

*[email protected] Ricks message ; I want to thank you Spiritualist Joseph, for everything you've done for me! You've mentioned people from my past that I forgot about and it's amazing how you describe my love ones and how you help guide me through my life. I highly recommend anyone who's going through a hard time in life to seek you for guidance!God bless you and see you soon.

Testimonio 08/14/2014

De Rick.

* Ricky_delagarzaxxxx @ xxxxx Ricks mensaje; Quiero darle las gracias espiritista José, por todo lo que has hecho por mí! Usted ha mencionado la gente de mi pasado que me olvidé de y es increíble lo que usted describe mis seres queridos y cómo ayudar a guiarme a través de mi vida. Recomiendo encarecidamente a cualquiera que está pasando por un momento difícil en la vida para que solicitan la dirección! Dios te bendiga y te veo pronto

One Of my greatest events ever !


I say hello to all my family, friends and followers ,thank back to late October 2013. I had asked all of you to pray for MS. Denise and Fred ,They had been trying to have a baby for three years . But had been told she would not ever be able to have a baby by two doctors and another psychic . When she called me in late Sept. 2013 , I told her a story I had been reading in the Holy Book, I told her at first , that , I did not know what I could do. More so since she lived up by Dallas. in a town call Dime Box, TX. But then after talking and praying with her, I saw her with a child and it would be a girl. I told her that it would be about the middle of Dec,2013 but no later then the first of Fab. 2014 when she would realize she was with child. 

Well for the next few weeks she would call me some time sad but we would pray. at times, I would call her to check in and pray . Well on Dec.23,2013 she call to say she may be with child . It was the Saturday after X-mas when she called to say ,that she was with child for sure. The doctors said there is no way .

I WANT TO THANK ALL OF YOU WHO HELPED ME PRAY FOR Denise AND Fred AND THE BABY THAT WAS COMING. a BLESSING FROM GOD HIM SELF!. A long but short road MS. Denise has had her Baby girl . Her name is NEVAH GARCA born just a few days ago early but doing well both mother and child need our prayers still today and every day . The power of faith is real.

I am so happy for you and your family Denise and Fred.

God has blessed you with his Love, Rejoice.

Spiritualist Joseph and Family.

See More.

in Spanish:

Un testimonio de Joseph Espiritista

Yo digo hola a todos los familiares, amigos y mis seguidores, gracias de nuevo a finales de Setembra de 2013 que había pedido a todos que oren por MS. Denise y Fred, Habían estado tratando de tener un bebé de tres años. Pero le habían dicho que no iba a ser capaz de tener un bebé por dos médicos y otra psíquica. Cuando ella me llamó en octubre de 2013, le dije una historia que había estado leyendo en el Libro Sagrado, le dije al principio, que, yo no sabía lo que podía hacer. Pero a continuación, después de hablar y orar con ella la vi con un niño y que sería una niña .I le dijo que sería a mediados de diciembre de 2013, pero no más tarde de la primera de Fab. 2014, cuando ella se daría cuenta de que estaba embarazada. bien para las próximas semanas que me llamaron un tiempo triste pero oraba. a veces, yo la llamaría para registrarnos y orar. Bueno en Dec.23,2013 que llamar para decir que puede estar embarazada. Fue el sábado después de Navidad cuando ella llamó para decir que estaba embarazada con seguridad. Los médicos dijeron que no hay manera.

QUIERO AGRADECER A TODOS USTEDES que me ayudó ORO POR Denise Y Fred y el bebé que venía. una bendición de Dios ÉL MISMO !. Un largo pero corto camino MS. Denise ha tenido a su bebé. Su nombre es Nevah GARCA nacido hace apenas unos días antes, pero va bien tanto para la madre y el niño necesita de nuestras oraciones aún hoy y cada día. El poder de la fe es real.

Estoy tan feliz por ti y tu familia Denise y Fred.

Dios te ha bendecido con su Amor, Rejoice.

Espiritista José y Familia. Ver más.


Anna Garza

Email [email protected]

San Antonio TX 78210


Joseph this is my testimony about my visit. I just want to say I would recommend you to anyone. I am shocked at your work you truly amazed me and now I'm a true believer in your work I want to thank you for helping me, now I can finally see the light. I haven't felt so good in a long time and I will surely be back to see you god bless you and thanks.



Email [email protected]

San Antonio TX



Joseph este es mi testimonio sobre mi visita. Sólo quiero decir que te

lo recomendaría a cualquiera. Estoy impresionada con su trabajo que realmente

me sorprendió y ahora soy un verdadero creyente en el trabajo que quiero

darle las gracias por haberme ayudado , ahora por fin puedo ver la luz. No me he sentido tan bien en mucho tiempo y sin duda volveré a verte dios te bendiga y gracias .


A. M. Jubela

Email [email protected] xxxxxxxx

I meet Joseph Oct. 2013, at a Halloween function. A friend of mine wanted to go see Joseph, she had read an article on him that said he was really gifted. I hesitantly agreed to go. Not because I don,t believe in psychic's but because, first I am Leary of fakes and, second because I was scared to hear something I don't want to, know!! Third, encountering someone with negative or harmful energy. I decided to support her and tag along. When I approached Joseph to find out what my friend needed to do in order to get a readying from him, he called me by a name and told me information so powerful, only God new I needed to hear, that would allow me to acknowledge to my self, and accept that Joseph was the real deal and I could trust him. He has been a great source of comfort and information for me. Through him I have been reunited with family members that have passed over. Mainly my mother who passed when I was 16, 30yrs ago. Words can not describe the peace and comfort I have received knowing my family has been with me and is watching over me and my children. For the first time since my mothers passing I no longer feel the absence of a mothers love! I feel my family's presence with me all the time now!! Joseph is blessed with the great gift of sight, I believe him to be a " Man of Vision" My spirit has searched a very long time to find Joseph. He is led by the Holy Spirit and the Ark Angel Micheal. His energy is pure it is safe to trust Joseph. He continues to help life's joys trails, and decisions. I trust in all things. He will be my guide and my teacher for all eternity. May God continue to bless him and all who seek his knowledge and wisdom.

Apr 18, 2014, Mary <[email protected]> wrote:


Do you remember me?.....I saw you on Halloween at the Phoenix Saloon in New Braunfels last year.

You told me a few things that ended up happening....

You told me not to try so hard, and let "him" come to me.

You told me that there would be someone coming in Feb/Mar, his name was Al or Allen,

and that he was someone that I hadn't noticed, but was around me...

Well, I met 3 Al's (Alan, Allan, and Allen).

I am in a ponderance now, and I would like to see you again....

not only on this subject, but on career issues...

You told me that you wanted to see me again, and that there wouldn't be any fee.

Let me know if this is still an option.


· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-

¸.·´ .·´¨¨))

((¸¸.·´ ..·´ -:¦:-

-:¦:- ((¸¸.·


In GOD I Trust........


18 de abril 2014, Mary <[email protected]> escribió:

Joseph, ¿Te acuerdas de mí? ..... Que te vi el día de Halloween en el Phoenix Saloon en New Braunfels año pasado.

Usted me dijo un par de cosas que acabaron pasando ....

Tú me dijiste que no te esfuerces tanto, y dejar que "él" ven a mí.

Usted me dijo que habría alguien que viene en febrero / marzo, que se llamaba Al o Allen,

y que él era alguien que no me había dado cuenta, pero estaba a mi alrededor ...

Bueno, conocí a 3 de Al (Alan, Allan y Allen).

Estoy en una preponderancia ahora, y me gustaría volver a verte ....

no sólo en este tema, pero en cuestiones de carrera ...

Me dijiste que querías volver a verme, y que no habría ninguna tasa.

Quiero saber si esto sigue siendo una opción.


· '¨ ¨)) -: |: -

¸. · '. ·' ¨ ¨))

((¸ ¸ · '.. ·' -: |:. -

-: |:. - ((¸ ¸ ·


En Dios confío ........


Testimony. April 12th,2014

Name :April M Jubela

Email: [email protected]

April 12th,2014

I meet Joseph Oct. 2013, at a Halloween function. A friend of mine wanted to go see Joseph, she had read an article on him that said he was really gifted. I hesitantly agreed to go. Not because I don,t believe in psychic's but because, first I am Leary of fakes and, second because I was scared to hear something I don't want to, know!! Third, encountering someone with negative or harmful energy. I decided to support her and tag along. When I approached Joseph to find out what my friend needed to do in order to get a readying from him, he called me by a name and told me information so powerful, only God knew I needed to hear, that would allow me to acknowledge to my self, and accept that Joseph was the real deal and I could trust him. He has been a great source of comfort and information for me. Through him I have been reunited with family members that have passed over. Mainly my mother who passed when I was 16, 30yrs ago. Words can not describe the peace and comfort I have received knowing my family has been with me and is watching over me and my children. For the first time since my mothers passing I no longer feel the absence of a mothers love! I feel my family's presence with me all the time now!! Joseph is blessed with the great gift of sight, I believe him to be a " Man of Vision" My spirit has searched a very long time to find Joseph. He is led by the Holy Spirit and the Ark Angel Micheal. His energy is pure it is safe to trust Joseph. He continues to help life's joys trails, and decisions. I trust in all things. He will be my guide and my teacher for all eternity. May God continue to bless him and all who seek his knowledge and wisdom.

12 de Abril 2014

Me encuentro con Joseph Octubre 2013 , en un evento de Halloween.

Un amigo mío quería ir a ver a José, que había leído un artículo sobre él que dijo que estaba muy dotado .

Vacilante acuerdo en ir .

No porque Don, no crean en la psíquicas sino porque , en primer lugar yo soy receloso de falsificaciones y , en segundo lugar porque tenía miedo de oír algo que no quiero , sé !

En tercer lugar, encontrar a alguien con la energía negativa o perjudicial.

Decidí apoyarla y tag along .

Cuando me acerqué a Joseph para averiguar lo que mi amigo tenía que hacer con el fin de obtener una alistando de él, él me llamó por mi nombre y me dijo que la información tan poderoso, sólo Dios sabía lo que necesitaba oír , que permitiría a mí reconocer a

mi ser , y aceptar que Joseph era el verdadero negocio y podía confiar en él.

Ha sido una gran fuente de consuelo y de información para mí .

A través de él me he reencontrado con sus familiares que han pasado por encima .

Principalmente mi madre, que falleció cuando tenía 16 años , hace 30años .

No hay palabras para describir la paz y el consuelo de saber que he recibido de mi familia ha estado conmigo y está mirando sobre mí y mis hijos.

Por primera vez desde que mi madre que pasa ya no siento la ausencia de un amor de madres !

Siento la presencia de mi familia conmigo todo el tiempo !

Joseph ha sido bendecida con el gran don de la vista , yo creo que él es un " hombre de visión " Mi espíritu se ha buscado desde hace mucho tiempo para encontrar Joseph .

Es conducido por el Espíritu Santo y el Ark Angel Micheal .

Su energía es puro es seguro confiar en José .

Él sigue ayudando alegrías senderos de la vida , y las decisiones .

Confío en todas las cosas .

Él será mi guía y mi maestro para toda la eternidad .

Que Dios continúe él y todos los que buscan el conocimiento y la sabiduría bendiga .


Greg Flores, on Sunday, March 02, 2014 1:13 AM

My horoscope (Capricorn) seems to be pretty spot on. Whether that lost love comes back is yet to be seen. Wish me luck!

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on Sunday, March 02, 2014 9:36 PM

Funny it's pretty accurate to me lol been winning on my scratch offs lately and I'm heading to Sufside for a week lol and the commitment is 100% correct lol great one uncle :)


Jan 9th,2014 [email protected]

HI My name is Lynsey Starr, I was so surprised by the things that Spiritualist Joseph told me about my past, and my Father who passed away a little over eight years ago. Joseph, "said that my Dad was asking about a vacation, we had gone on when I was about nine years old. If I remembered, That I was so scared to walk to edge and look out over the land." Well that trip was to the, grand canyon AZ. I was so scared that I would slip off the cliff. I wouldn't even get out of our van. There is no way Joseph could have known that. Thank You Spiritualist Joseph.

Hola, mi nombre es Lyndsey Starr, estaba tan sorprendido por las cosas que Espiritista Joseph me dijo acerca de mi pasado, y mi padre, que falleció hace poco más de ocho años. José dijo: "que mi papá estaba preguntando por unas vacaciones que habíamos ido cuando yo tenía unos nueve años de edad. Si me acordé de cómo una tenía miedo de caminar a la orilla de las vistas sobre la tierra?" Bueno ese viaje fue a la, gran cañón AZ. , y yo estaba tan asustada que me gustaría caer por el precipicio. Yo ni siquiera salir de la camioneta. No hay manera José pudo haber sabido. Gracias espiritista José.

Oct 07,2913 Roxanna Harvey"My name," Roxanna Harvey" Your email address * [email protected] Enter your message , I am so amazed with Joseph a couple months ago I went to him and asked about my husband that is in prison he told me he is not going to be transfer out of state, But maybe by Houston and he wont even be in jail that long and Today I received a letter from my husband saying he has been transferred to Huntsville I got chills of happiness i quickly remembered what Joseph told me about him getting transferred by Houston now just waiting on release date Joseph is so amazing I'll be back to put my testimonial about his freedom thanks Joseph.


Jody Marcel said on Oct 27, 2013 7:38 PM

The thing that amazes me about Joseph's gift is that he is very humble about it. He has very accurate insight and spiritual gifts, but he also makes his guests feel very at home, like friends. He has such a kind spirit. He has shared things with me and confirmed things with me that no one could have possibly known. I trust this man and would recommend seeing him to anyone.


Halloween Night! 2013

Your name Bobbie Sheldon, Your email address *

[email protected]

Enter your message: yesterday on Halloween night, I took my Dad to the Phoenix Saloon in New Braunfels, TX. To read for as many people as he could for free 10 minuets each person. I already knew my dad would be great this is what he does, but I didn't expect the turn out we got, at first only about 10-15 signed up for readings then about 7:30, people kept coming in and signing up they were sent by people who my dad read for earlier that night. Then once I looked at his sign up sheet, I noticed there were over forty people that signed up, and I had to a cut off and their were at least 20 to 30 more people asking if they can get a reading unfortunately we had to turn them away, my dad did not take a break it was non stop from 7-10pm. We had to stay an extra hour because there were so many people. The best part of the night is seeing peoples face when they left their session with my dad. They were all happy, and they would come up to me saying, " he is so amazing he told me things No one knew or could even guess, he gave me hope for things I wouldn't have hoped for."

I have always been proud of my dad,

but seeing him in action was something I have not ever seen before. So if you are not sure if this is for you but your curios try it, he is an easy going fun person who has a awesome gift he is a very, one on one and does not share information. Even if you just want someone to talk to he is your guy he is the best listener. Thank you for your time, and to my Dad I love you and Thank You for the experience!, it is something I'll never forget. Bobbie.


Gail Lynn Batton on 9/26/2013 9:13 AM

God bless you and your entire family. Having spiritual "gifts" from God is a tremendous responsibility and must be carefully used. I do not claim to be psychic or a medium and I do not use things to implement my God-given "gifts" - for me and only me I give all the Glory to my Creator - God - the GREAT HOLY SPIRIT - and my Savior Jesus Christ - the Anointed One. The most painful experience I ever had - I had a "vision" of a close friend and a gun by his head and the gun fired off - in a panic I went to one of his family members and told them - I prayed and cried - within a week at church - the young man repented and asked God, his family, and the church for forgiveness - he had strayed into some very bad dealings that even if he quit - those "over him" in these transactions would never let him "go". He was radiant that Sunday night after his testimony and returning to Jesus Christ. A couple days later, his body was found horribly horribly beaten and 3 gun-shots - 1 shot was exactly where I "saw" it. Now that I am MUCH older - if I have a bad vision - I immediately pray about it and only talk about it if I feel led to do so. I take no glory on myself - Jesus only Jesus. I believe also in live and let live. God bless yo.


I love people who know stuff like this!!! Like you.......

BY Autumn June 23,2013


“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a Psychic you can trust. Spiritualist Joseph was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”

Terry Smith June 12/2013


By Brenda Moon March 2013

Jerry said on Jun 8, 2013 7:08 PM

True believer


Brenda Moon,"said on May 8, 2013 1:20 PM

Joseph is my Dad and back in March 2013, I had asked him and my mom to take my boys and I to the store. We went to a Wal Mart off Ingram RD.. It was about 10:30 A.M. or so when we got there. I bought a few thing's. As I was walking out the door I put my small purse/Hand bag on the kiddie seat. We loaded everything in their van and made sure the kids were all buckled up. I Told my Dad we're good to go! Never thinking about the Hand bag with my money ,ID,Credit cards ,etc till he pulled out of the Wal Mart parking lot. Oh no! I yelled out, Mom asked what is wrong? My Hand Bag! I left it in the shopping cart at Wal mart. My Dad said What!? I'll go right now we went around the lot and came back in and parked in the same place we were before. I jumped out of the van ran to the shopping carts only to find them all empty. My Dad said I would be lucky to find it now. I went in to the store and asked if anyone had turned in a hand bag. I also spoke to the police officer that was working security, he said there was not much they could do. He told me to make a police report and cancel my cards ASAP! When the police officer arrived, my Mom asked my Dad, "can't you use your psychic power to find her hand bag, at least to see if some took it?'' He told her ''I don't think I can in that way but, I will give a shot! I gave the police officer my information. My Dad Joseph went into the store. It wasn't long before he came back out. He told my Mom,"well I can't pick up anything.'' When he got this funny look on his face, and said "wait I just saw it! It's riding around in the store,'' He turned and went back inside the store. I was done talking to the officer went my Dad and the security officer came out to the car. They had a smile on their faces and my hand bag. I asked the officer how they found it? He said ''I didn't do it, your Dad did it and I just don't know how he cornered it or the guy that had it with so many people in the store.'' My mom told him, "My husband is psychic and do these thing's," Thank God that everything was there. The person that had it hadn't taken anything out of the Bag! I was so happy to have my money and all back. I was really surprised at my Dad's ability. I knew he could do this stuff, but this was just so cool. Thinks Dad! by Brenda De Luna


Roxanna Harvey said on Apr 20, 2013 2:54 PM

Joseph is a really good reader that has me coming back all the time everything he tells is true and happens I am so amazed with his work thanks Joseph for ur work


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