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earththBull      Taurus The Bull of Earth
               ( 21th of April - 20th of May )
                  The second sign of the astrological year.
Taurus typically possess great personal charm, good looks, and a lovely speaking voice. but they can also be lazy!
Element :Earth                        

Color: Shocking Pink!
Key Characteristic: Determination
Strengths: Hard-Working Honest,Brave

Planetary Ruler:Venus   

Birthstone :Emerald    

Flower: Red Rose  ,

Red Rose                    

Challenges: Intractable,Shortsighted,Bullying !

Taurus carry's the Pentacle sign that represents coins,diamonds,
Heptameron Pentacle

The Taurus Man :
He isn't talkative and he certainly isn't complicated,but he can be every girl's dream.The guy is definitely the strong silent type who lets his actions speak for him.Taurus en possess a great deal of what used to be called "animal magnetism"They are often dark and brooding in appearance,taciturn in speech.They become good husbands and fathers,cherish traditional values,and rarely lose their temper.But when they do-look out!
Most Taurus men are more concerned with achieving success in their personal life
than their professional life.They support traditional family values and are not particularly amenable where change  is concerned .Theses gents usually have a great deal of creative talent,though they may require some coaxing in order to display it.

The Taurus Woman:
 She is stylish, well-groomed,and socially involved.Whether she turns professional aims,she is certain hold to give it all that she has.With Venus as their ruling planet,these women manage to hold their own against any man, professionally speaking,without losing their trademark femininity.Taurean woman possess spectacular color and fashion sense, and look stunning even on a shoestring budget.
Taurus women are stubborn, Practical,and budget-minded. They have the ability to balance family and career life without losing their emotional equilibrium.These ladies have their feet planted firmly on the ground,proving that incredible charm and common sense can coexist in the same individual.

The Taurus Child:
These little ones can be sugar and spice one moment,then walking thunderclouds the next.they to run a little behind schedule.and most Taurus children take their time  learning to walk,talk,and integrate within a play group. They are generally obedient.They can become belligerent in adolescence if the rules made by their parents are too restrictive. They show there artistic talent at very early age Taurus children have great color sense and are beautiful things,especially toys,They are great with money some start saving money while in grade school.

The Taurus lover:
they are ruled by Venus,Taurus are everything in Love and romance,always eager to please their partner Taureans are detail-orient.they never forget a birthday anniversary,or other romantic occasion.
The Taurus Boss:
The typical Taurean boss is friendly,accessible,and almost always pleasant.
He or she can be fun to work with.

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