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Fire the Astrology element of AriesArcher the Astrology element of Sagittarius        The Sagittarius The Archer / Fire                
               November 22nd.-December 21st.
                            The ninth sign of the Zodiac year.
                               They have an appetite for learning and travel

Element: Fire                       Quality: Mutable        Color:Purple,
Fire Hot

Planetary Ruler:Jupiter Key  , Characteristic:Benevolence,

Strengths:  Optimism, Generosity, Foresight

Birthstone : Turquoise,
Challenges: Intolerance, Righteousness, Ignoring details 

Flower :Narcissus    

Sagittarius draws their action from the Sword.
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The Sagittarius Men!
Loves to travel. He is well read and thoroughly likable.He possesses a broad and all-encompassing view of life as well as boundless enthusiasm.Sagittarian men need to love,not just like, the work they do.Their career concerns often takes them away from family life,they aren't as driven and ambitious as other fire -sing types.They are philosophical and even a little old fashioned, always putting a positive spin on events and looking for that proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.They are inmost cases sports enthusiasts who enjoy showing off their athletic prowess by playing weekend sports.always in good physical condition.

The Sagittarius Child.

Sagittarian Children are adventurous from the moment they
they come into this world , and because they are so eager to explore its boundaries they  often crawl, walk,and talk earlier than children of other signs. This little one thinks big.From the time he is in the playpen he's seeking to enlarge his world .From an early age he appreciates the value of things and the satisfaction that they can bring to his life. This child may group all his toys together, taking inventory even before he can count.
These youngsters usually love school-both the academic and extracurricular activities.they love to participate in sports and are big on school spirit. Girls who aren't sports-oriented may become cheerleaders.  Sagittarian teens need plenty of freedom, but they are likely to use it wisely.

The Sagittarius Boss ,
No better Boss then the Sagittarius Boss , man or woman. These people combine all the traits necessary to be a worthwhile  employer. They have the ability to see the big picture ,they  can see potential in even the most ordinary individual. They are also good judges of people. It is rare for this boss to play favorites. Most pleasing of all, the Sagittarius boss is likely to have an - door policy. Workers can come to him or her for advice that goes beyond workplace concerns.

The Sagittarius Woman
Are Friendly,sociable, and outgoing.They also have a reputation for being incredibly blunt speakers and regularly speak their minds without worrying how their opinions will be received by others.
Like the male the Sagittarius women love to travel  and curious about other lands and cultures.Like other fire signs females are bold and love to take risks!
Physically, Sagittarius women are  often tall and svelte. These  women have a fashion style of  their own.

The Sagittarian Lover

They want romance in their lives -so long as it doesn't interfere with  their personal autonomy. These free -loving people shy away from demanding or needy individuals who may seek to infringe upon their personal "space."

As soon as they fall in love, the typical Sagittarian begins to worry about  what he or she is going to have to give up for it. For this reason they may put off making a definite commitment as long as possible. They may even break of  a worthwhile romance just because the fear of giving up their freedom is too great. when they do decide to settle down, they adjust very well to domesticity. They refuse to let the relationship get stale and are always looking for ways to bring more excitement and romance into their union. 

The Sagittarius Friend,  make excellent friends.mostly because they have so many interests they can accommodate  friends of all sorts. He or She is a doer!,Think fun,think adventurous,thank physical.Sanitarians love sports. Even a day in the park with a Frisbee will win them over.These people make the very best travel companions. Not only do they manage to be well- informed about their destination, but the typical Sagittarian traveler knows a dozen little side trips and interesting facts that make the journey even more enjoyable.