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         Pure Self Defense not a sport !
 Kenpo is a large system, with different styles that are practiced worldwide. These styles have some differences as well as things in common. Most of these different styles have their origins in either Master Ed Parker, from American Kenpo Parker and Master Al Tracy from Chinese Kenpo Karate Professor. Professor Chow and James Mitose are considered the founders of Kenpo as it taught today.

The style taught to you will be learning Chaun Fa/ Chinese Kenpo. The short name is simply Chinese Kenpo. The term for Kung Fu is a term for hard work or highly skilled. Kung Fu is now used to mean Chinese martial arts.

           Tuesday's and Thursday's
            Wednesdays is Women's
         Self Defense Training night's.
     Teaching  Tracy's Kenpo Karate @ Enrique Barrera Community Center
               5800 Old Highway 90
           San Antonio, Texas 78227


 For the  safety of your love one's and your self !

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