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Psychic - Spiritualist Joseph 

San Antonio TX 78219 US

​Psychic Spiritualist Joseph !

From Beyond The Natural World And The Need to Know!


Psychic Reader!

Paranormal Investigations

Medium who can help with family members who Have passed On!

Ask about home visits and readings,

Unwanted Spirits in your house

Home or Office Paranormal Investigation

Paranormal Investigation

Tarot Cards Reading's

Tarot Card Reader

Reader of the Tarot cards

Ask A Question by E-Mail

Send your Questions to ( [email protected] )

$ 3.95 per question just pay thru pay pal.

Question's By E-Mail

E-Mail Question

You may prepay your visit with spiritualist by paypal.

On a Phone Consoling he will call you back, within 24 hours of receiving notice from PayPal of your request .

You can call live and pay at the start of your Consoling by phone .

you will be charged for the time you would like.

No refunds at anytime.

So pay by card by phone if you wish.

By Phone Consoling, the hours are Monday thru Friday

From 11:00 P.M. till 02:00 A.M.

Call 210-607-7319

E-mail [email protected]

1 Hour

Psychic Consoling Choices in person

Psychic Consoling Choices

30 Minuet Phone Consoling

Psychic Consoling Choices

Psychis Consoling Choices

1 HR. Phone Consoling

Psychis Consoling Choices

Psychic Consoling Choices by Phone

Tarot Card Consoling

Psychic Consoling Choices by Phone

Psychic Consoling Choices

1 HR. Gift Certificate By Mail

Psychic Consoling Choices

If your club or group is having a large event , 

Joseph will come out to your event!

Order Your T-shirt today

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Now you can have your own Spiritualist Joseph / Psychic T-Shirt!

Front side view of T-Shirt

Add your name if you want just add $ 3.00 to the cost of the T-shirt

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   Spiritualist Joseph Ball Cap.

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( FRONT SIDE) Med.   

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