Spiritualist Joseph / Psychic - Oasis Mexican Cafe Down Town
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 Psychic / Spiritualist Joseph  says you got too have Breakfast or Lunch  at !

         Oasis Mexican Cafe 
Down Town San Antonio ,TX

 By Spiritualist Joseph /Psychic
Oasis Mexican Cafe has been serving San Antonio, TX , good wholesome food  for Sixteen years . Just like my Mother, and Grand mother use to make.
 Each Plate served not only with good food, but with the love that went to into  preparing  it !

               You and your Family can Din, knowing its a safe and clean . 

Spiritualist Josephs,  Aunt Rufina says, " The Menudo is just the BEST!"  MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

     Spiritualist Joseph's favorite Plate the Fajita Plate its just Great!!