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Halloween  Night - 2013
Phoenix Salon

It started with an e-mail from A MR.Tyler Hoffmann  asking if I would be part of their Halloween Get together ,(Fortunes Revealed event. The New Braunfels Young Professionals Organization and the New Braunfels’ Jaycees will host this event from 7-9 p.m. at the Phoenix Saloon on Halloween night. The Young Professionals sought Sheldon out and invited him to be part of their event, and after two weeks of e-mails we put together.at first I didn't know what to say but, I went for it and it was a Blast!
I even came out in the local news Paper!

The News Paper Article !

 (Psychic headlines Halloween gathering
Social put on by Young Professionals, Jaycees
By Zach Mayer

The Herald - Zeitung
Joseph Sheldon lives an ordinary life in San Antonio — except when he foretells people’s future with his claimed psychic abilities.
“I don’t go around telling people that (I have psychic powers) because most people think you’re full of bull, when you tell them you can see things,” Sheldon said.

Sheldon, a spiritualist, will tell people about their future at the Fortunes Revealed event. The New Braunfels Young Professionals Organization and the New Braunfels’ Jaycees will host this event from 7-9 p.m. at the Phoenix Saloon on Halloween night. The Young Professionals sought Sheldon out and invited him to be part of their event.
“I’ve never done something like this, like out in the public,” Sheldon said. “It’s going to be something new.”
Sheldon’s ability has given him a reputation in San Antonio, and people seek him out to hear a prediction or psychic reading.
People have called his ability a gift. He thinks of his ability as “a curse.”
Sheldon said he has predicted people’s future romances, fortunes and serious or critical injuries. He said he predicted an individual would meet his soul mate.
“We started talking, and he had lost his girlfriend, and I told him not to worry because ‘in the next few days, or months, you’re going to come across this person, and she’s going to be your soul-mate,’” Sheldon said. “Now they’re inseparable.”
His first encounter with his psychic ability happened when he was about nine years ­old. Sheldon said he foresaw his father’s friend seriously harmed in a traffic accident. He saw the man harmed after the accident with his own eyes about an hour later.
Sheldon said the state of Texas found him to be about 85 percent accurate when he was tested in 1995. But his predictions are not set in stone.
“You’re life is ever changing,” he said. “If you are heading down a road and your supposed to take a right at the next street and, just at the spur of the moment, you decide to take a left, you just changed your future.”
Sheldon said individuals not open to hearing predictions are difficult for him to read, because of what he calls a ‘mental block.’ He said many of his predictions are confidential because of their personal nature.
People at Fortune’s Revealed can expect Sheldon to help with a decision, predict their future or reveal something about them that no one else would know.
The Saloon will be open to the public for this event, until 9 p.m when there is an age limit of 21 or older to be present.)
 After !

Halloween 2013 picsIt was a great success I read for 35 persons,and It was said to me that they were forced to turn away over 25 to 35 more, who wanted time with me. Some even offered to pay for me to stay for one more hour, But Bobbie told them that I had already had been at it for three hours and didn't thank I could go any longer. Spiritualist Joseph , I want to Thank the Young Professionals ,The Jaycees Organizations,and the Phoenix Saloon for hosting this event , for having Bobbie and Me ( Joseph ) there. Here are a few picture's from the Big Event.
the 1st sign sheetThe first sign up sheet after only  fifteen minuets and in less then a forty five minuets we had forty people signed up to see Spiritualist Joseph, and we turned away about 20 to 30 we were told.
Joseph was sad that he couldn't help them all.
He asked , God to Bless Them All!

The Banner :
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Halloween Night! 2013
Your name Bobbie Sheldon, Your email address *
Enter your message: yesterday on Halloween night, I took my Dad to the Phoenix Saloon in New Braunfels, TX. To read for as many people as he could for free 10 minuets each person. I already knew my dad would be great this is what he does, but I didn't expect the turn out we got, at first only about 10-15 signed up for readings then about 7:30, people kept coming in and signing up they were sent by people who my dad read for earlier that night. Then once I looked at his sign up sheet, I noticed there were over forty people that signed up, and I had to a cut off and their were at least 20 to 30 more people asking if they can get a reading unfortunately we had to turn them away, my dad did not take a break it was non stop from 7-10pm. We had to stay an extra hour because there were so many people. The best part of the night is seeing peoples face when they left their session with my dad. They were all happy, and they would come up to me saying, " he is so amazing he told me things No one knew or could even guess, he gave me hope for things I wouldn't have hoped for."
I have always been proud of my dad,
but seeing him in action was something I have not ever seen before. So if you are not sure if this is for you but your curios try it, he is an easy going fun person who has a awesome gift he is a very, one on one and does not share information. Even if you just want someone to talk to he is your guy he is the best listener. Thank you for your time, and to my Dad I love you and Thank You for the experience!,  it is something I'll never forget. Bobbie.

 For fun night out with the family go out to Phoenix Saloon ,I tried their Chile and all I can say, It is the best dog gone Chile I ever had out side my house ! They have a lot of good food . So drive out to New Braunfels ,Texas , For good food and a cool drank.and a great get away from the City.

By Spiritualist Joseph.