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Gemini The Twins & Air
May 21st. - June 20th      
The third sign of the astrological year.
Geminis are considered to be quick-thinking and always in motion, with many interest and great social adeptness.

Air Too

Planetary Ruler:   Mercury     


Color: Yellow
Quality: Mutable
Key Characteristic:  Communication
Birthstone : Agate      


Challenges: Superficial, Fickle, Lack of commitment.

Flower:Lily of the Valley     
Lily of the Valley

Strengths: Witty,Talkative,Versatile
In Astrology the wooden wand represents , Knowledge .
Weasley Paty Wand.

The Gemini Man:

The Gemini men have a very special charm.these guys are the original Peter Pan,and it is this youthful,little-boy attitude that is part of their appeal. Like other air-sign men, the typical Gemini gentleman has strong intellectual inclinations but isn't the intimidating sort. He doesn't quote facts and figures or make a fuss his knowledge.
These men are often dedicated to their career, seeing it almost as a calling rather than simply a way to make a living.Gemini men excel in advertising,media,politics,teaching,or any field where language and communication skills are useful.Gemini men are natural dilettantes who enjoy a variety of hobbies as well as competitive weekend sports like tennis,golf,and racquetball.
The Gemini Woman:

The typical Gemini woman is glib, self- assured, and sophisticated. Although she isn't a slave to fashion, she can carry off a way-out look with considerable panache. Gemini women have a real talent for conversation. Smart,sassy,and sarcastic, these ladies will always have the last word.   
Even though they are often exceptionally good looking, Gemini women are more interested in showing off their brain power than their physical attributes.These women are often career-driven,and even when they marry and have children they are likely to seek a career outside their domestic circle. They make good mothers,always encouraging their youthful appearance & attitude well into middle age, and even beyond.

The Gemini Child:
Children born under this sign are usually very bright, and may show a talent for logic and language skills at an early age. The Gemini child's vulnerability to emotional and mental exhaustion when too many demands are made upon them.they require a great amount of social contact as toddlers.They mix well with other children. they tend to have a diverse and interesting group of friends by the time they reach their teens.The Gemini teens are generally upbeat and positive .

The Gemini Lover:
Those who have never been romanced by a Gemini have missed a great deal. These versatile, witty, and fun- loving individuals possess so much charm they can be almost impossible to resist. A turn on for them can be language, and communication,it is a big part of their romancing a love interest. A clever fax,romantic letter,a few endearing words left on their call notes or answering machine .The Gemini understands the erotic power of language!The Gemini can lose interest quickly if excitement wears off.
The Gemini Boss :
He or She can display different personalities on different occasions One day a push over ,and next day a critical get it done right person. At times he or She can be very challenging. They can be good communicators and this boss feels perfectly at ease at social relation ships. He or She tend to have more relaxed and happy employees with good work habits.
The Gemini Friend
You will find that Geminis make good friends.Their naturally sociable nature and Love of conversation they can draw people to them. Almost never snobbish, Although they do love good gossip, They love to pass on good news when they can. Sympathetic listeners they are. Geminis will not allow pals to wallow in self-pity!