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           Energy Healing 
          Sanación Energética 
          By MS.Lourdes Bosch

  • What is Reiki?   Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy. Reiki is a safe, natural, non-invasive, hands-on therapy that promotes healing and balancing at all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Reiki accelerates the body’s ability to heal and opens the mind and spirit to the causes of dis-ease and pain. It is a wonderfully pleasant and relaxing method of healing. Reiki complements  other therapies and treatments and can even be used to increase the benefits of them. Reiki is recommended and very beneficial for all ages. Why should I have a Reiki treatment?   Reap the benefits of healing through balance and wholeness. It is a system used to aid in healing all manner of issues: distress,deep relaxation, diseases, relief from chronic pain, anxiety, depression, lack of concentration, past life issues, communication blocks with Divine guidance,brings one to state of clarity and balance and much more.   Reiki is not connected with a particular religion, but it is very spiritual and comforting. *Reiki definition of healing: Restore balance and harmony in body, mind and spirit. Reiki is often used in distance healing. As a non-invasive treatment, Reiki provides the necessary  Life force energy to aid clients in healing. What happens during a Reiki Treatment?   Reiki has been used for many types of healing. It is a non-invasive, holistic approach. The client is fully clothed and lies in a comfortable position, shoes off. The practitioner works with the Chakras  to bring them  into balance and harmony by shifting or moving energy, getting the benefits of the natural Energy flow.
    What is Energy Healing?   Energy work is a holistic approach that works on the emotional, the mental, the spiritual and the physical level. Energy work can correct energetic in -balances in one's life force. When we face difficulties in our lives , which have been very painful to deal with or daily stress, or negative thoughts , we tend to whole the unresolved energy on our body and aura. This can create blockages in our energy field which depletes our vitality and can lead to disease. A healer will assist you in connecting to the life force energy through healing that will create balance and achieve healing on all levels of your being, to bring you to Wellness and better quality of life.   TO  EXPLORE THE TRUE MEANING OF OUR SELF REMEMBER; HEALING TAKES PLACE WHEN YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE OPEN TO IT. OPEN YOUR HEART AND FREE YOUR MIND.   About the Sessions   During your session, you relax fully clothed and with your shoes off lying on a massage table. Your session will last for one hour. I will be covering all the major energy centers of your body using standard hand positions, clearing and charging your energy flow. When the session ends, I will provide you with feedback and teach you useful exercises and ways that you can do at home.   Hydration is essential to the body, and you should plan to drink plenty of water for at least 48 hours after your session to help your energy flow. To achieve the most from you sessions, it is recommended that you schedule them a week apart.  
    "The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system."  -Gary Craig   EFT is holistic, and its consider to be spiritual its effect is also -encompassing. EFT is a very quick and simple method of reducing the intensity of traumatic memories. Everyone had at least some trauma growing up.   When EFT is applied and the disruption in the energy system is released there is generally an ease that comes along with the reduction of feelings of stress. These may be replaced with feelings of greater empowerment and confidence. The person may be able to think new and clearer thoughts, thoughts that are more creative and optimistic creating new life strategies. The tension in their body that was caused by the stress may also go away, and so they may feel better physically. Even the first few minutes after you try it, you are likely to find the intensity of your traumatic recollections rapidly dropping.   How does it work?   Tapping on the acupuncture meridians to achieve its results while your thoughts are center in the matter . When you tap you are awakening the body to send messages to the brain and make an ease.   There are many scientific studies of EFT for depression, anxiety and others psychological problems. They show that people who use EFT recover very quickly, it helps to release emotions we dislike often in just a few sessions. EFT bringing you to personal power, Love and self care, its a loving respectful, calm and powerful technique.   Why would you come for a session?   When there is stagnant energy or blocks or it's interrupted in another way, when there is pain, unhappy memories, unpleasant emotions, cravings, stress, tension, depression or any other issues.  
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