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earthgoat       The Capricorn Of Earth 
               Dec.ember 22-January 19th.
         The 10th sign of the Zodiac signs.

               They are highly efficient and dedicated to becoming a success.
Key characteristic: Ambition,
Strengths: discipline,Patience, Structure.
Challenges:Inhibited, Depressed, Rigid.

Element :Earth                                                                


Planetary Ruler: Saturn                                             




Flower: Carnation


Capricorn carry's the Pentacle sign that represents coins,diamonds well off.
Heptameron Pentacle

Quality: Cardinal


The Capricorn Man,
It isn't easy to get to know the Capricorn
man because he is secretive and will often conceal things about his life or background for little or no reason.Being defensive comes natural to him, for he actually feels very vulnerable and is afraid and he will be exposed. This is why he seems so serious, even at a young age.
Getting to know a Capricorn man is rare treat. With those he trusts he shows his wicked sense of humor and wry good nature. He is generally a highly principled individual,though he keeps his beliefs and life philosophy to himself. Capricorn men are often devoted to their career aims, which can make them appear distant regarding their home and family responsibilities.

The Capricorn Child ,
This child seems to turn family roles upside down:he is the adult, the parents are children. Capricorn children usually seem to be old beyond their years - miniature adults who are serious, conflicted, and even a bi word-weary.  Although diligent and smart, these little ones may lag behind other children develop[mentally. They may have a fear of trying particular skills, because they are afraid to fail. For  theses sensitive children to succeed, parents must be gentle an supportive, inspiring them to try for the sake of trying, and no other reason.By the time they reach high school are ,most Capricorn youngsters have found their own way to fit in. they have natural leadership skills the can be especially helpful in allowing them to adjust to this phase of their development.

The Capricorn Lover:
The  Capricorn lover may  seem cautious and even a little bit cool, but he or she holds more then a few degrees in naughtiness from the school of love. Capricorns' biggest problem is one of confidence.
Although there are times when career matters must come first, Capricorn men and women place great importance on their personal happiness and rarely lose sight of this objective.

The Capricorn Woman
They will have a cool standoffish charm. Elegant and glacial, they may seem unapproachable. Actually, this is just a mask to hide their feelings of vulnerability.Capricorn individuals are always afraid of"losing face". For this reason they are extremely cautious about
how much of themselves they allow others to see and know. They fear criticism and can't abide situations that force them to be self-critical.
This woman is highly competitive personality, though she is usually more interested in besting her own best efforts than those of closest rivals. If she is not involved in a career outside the home, she will turn her home into her career and be better at it than anyone else.Capricorn women make good, if overly strict,mothers. They expect the best from their children and will set very high standards for them to follow.

The Capricorn Boss: 
This is the ultimate boss, the boss to end all bosses.They Take their role seriously. The Capricorn Boss can be a perfectionist and demanding. Because they are extremely ambitious by nature, the Capricorn employer tends to elevate those who share this trait.

The Capricorn Friend:
Although they seem to lack many of the traits that attract friendship,Capricorn men and women make loyal and caring friends. 
Capricorns may not have a huge group of friends, but the ones they do have are very dear and  precious to them.