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   Josephs Biography

Joseph at Three yrs old on Lift sideSpiritualist Joseph," I have been able to see into the past and future since I was ten years old . Some time's  just a shake of a hand or a look in someone's eye's , would tell me so many thing's, about them. As a child it would frighten me.
<The boy on the lift side is Joseph @ four years on in Mineral Wells TX.

At that age I really  didn't understand what was going on . But as time passed, I began to realize.
I had the gift of sight !
I am writing a book about my gift or the nite mar!

I  come from a line of readers in our family and shaman , from my native American   forefathers.

Joseph with oldest Daughter Joseph  in High School
<High School Rodeo Club Days

<High School

Out for a Horse ride with my First born!1979>

<Working as an extra on a move set!

out on the set.
<Working on the Movie set of "Rough Riders" Lots of  fun! and Hard work!

News Paper cut out of the movie with my picture !

GreatRalph Sheldon vll

The Great Ralph Sheldon from the 1600'
my 10th G-grand father!

Spiritualist Joseph at his uncles grave. 2013

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Man has always looked up to the heavens for Help and answers.
We can't help but to believe, that there is a higher Being out there. Jesus said to believe is to be with God and Him .
God said," Thru Jesus, that we should not judge one another, but help each other, If you have share, if you need just ask. and most of all first try to do for your self.
But Judge no one for you may be judged back two times more.
I don't walk around saying,"that I am someone great or better" I don't know how and where my Gift came from. It has been with me since I was about  nine years old . It would scare me a lot at time's. As a kid I wouldn't even play with the other kids for fear of seeing what was going on in their life's, if we talked or touched by accident, and even my family could not understand it . But I call on Jesus and the sprite world for help and guidance. People come to me for answers and advice. I do my best for them with the help from the spirit world. Some times they come back to say that it played out just the way it was told to them. But I don't take the credit for it, because it comes from a higher place. I don't use Dark Magic,Voodoo, or unbelievable tricks. Only Gods Help is the real thing! If you find the need for a Psychic, find that one that is real, that one you trust, and doses not ask for money all the time! Unless you have money to throw away. Because God's help is always FREE ! We all have our faults and needs ,That is when we go to GOD !
For even the ones that don't believe will find the need for God, Our God forgives those that don't believe and those that do and make mistakes .
By Spiritualist Joseph / Psychic
10th of Jan. 2014