Spiritualist Joseph / Psychic - Bachelorette Party 2014.
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 The event in New Braunfels, TX. On September 2014.
My wife and I had a great time visiting with these wonderful young lady's. My wife Susan was my assistant
for the night she did a great job. Helping the lady's sign up and get ready for a visit with me, Spiritualist Joseph.
There were fifteen young Lady's waiting to have me do a psychic reading for them. After three hours, we were done.
She had asked if they were happy with  my work ? The Lady's replied ," We are more then happy!  Susan said," the young Lady's were so happy with my work that some of Lady's were going to come too San Antonio,TX. For a one on one visit. with Spiritualist Joseph. Susan asked," if they would like a picture with Spiritualist Joseph".
They were more then happy to do so.
I find it so rewarding, when the folks that visit with and help, Find that God and Christ are still a big part of their life and all they have to do listen for their words to come to them. May God Bless these lady's and any one who reads this. Thank You One and All.
Spiritualist Joseph Sheldon