Spiritualist Joseph / Psychic - 2017 Jan. Event .Astrology Nit
From Beyond The Natural World  - And The Need to Know!

Astrology Night  Jan. 10th.2017

Produced By:
Sarah Griffith Office Coordinator
Sterling Engagements Inc.
3491 Cahuenga Boulevard West | Los Angeles, CA  90068
323.845.9500 (office) | 818.337.2254 (fax) | 713.562.7489 (cell)

It was a wonderful night.  I got to read for many visitors. The Visitors were so friendly and welcoming. MS. Sarah our coordinator was very professional. I enjoyed working with her and  Sterling Engagements.
My wife Susan and I , also enjoyed some fine food. I'm looking forward to working with Sterling Eng. again soon.